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Einstein: Time is relative
Nolan: Time is my relative“ - Random YouTube Comment.

To say that Tenet is confusing is an understatement. To say Tenet is a bad movie is idiotic. Now to state Tenet as a flawed-yet-brilliantly-executed movie is admissible. Before I begin my review of the movie I…

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When you take a picture on your smartphone or your DSLR, chances are that those pictures are geo-tagged . Which means that after you share your photos on the internet in a social media site, people can download the picture and extract the EXIF data.

What is EXIF data?

EXIF is short for Exchangeable…

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Whenever you delete a file from your computer , you assume that it is gone forever. The truth is far from it. Lets see what actually happens when you delete a file and find out how you can securely incinerate your digital data.

What actually happens when you delete a file:

You will usually delete a file using…

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These are the following things, compiled as a checklist, to perform after a fresh install of Windows10.

DISCLAIMER: None of the apps or sites suggested below have paid me for promotion. They are merely my suggestions and most of them are open-source applications.

Getting Started:

  1. Update Windows and then all of your…


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