Tenet (Spoiler-Free) Review:

A Mind-Numbing Spectacle To Gasp At:

When Christopher Nolan went on to conceive the idea of Tenet , I can’t even begin to comprehend what exact thought process he had , to even consider this would possibly be made into a film. Because the concept is astoundingly genius as we can only marvel at his level of intelligence and competence to be able to write a proper screenplay for this film. It’s no wonder it took him about fourteen years to form the crux of the whole plot and six more to finish his final draft. This film has by far the most complicated plot structure that Nolan has ever attempted. Our protagonist is on a mission trying to prevent something much more dreadful than a nuclear holocaust. The way the story is structured kind of reminded me of Nolan’s earlier work , Memento. But on a much more ambitious and grandiose scale.

Characters of Tenet:

Nolan’s Exposition Problem:

The Final Act:




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